Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath Wiki

Gaining legendary status as the lead guitarist for popular rock band Queen, Brian May is also a qualified astrophycisist, and as such was one of the four first known people to have a recognised Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number.

His verified Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number is 9. His Sabbath number, 1, is the (unique) lowest of those with a verified EBS number, and the lowest component number of all verified EBS numbers.

Erdős Number: 5[]

(5) Brian May
Bang! The Complete History of the Universe 1
(4) Chris Lintott
Galaxy Zoo 1: data release of morphological classifications for nearly 900 000 galaxies
(3) Robert C. Nichol
The galaxy luminosity function and luminosity density at redshift z=0.1
(2) Max Tegmark
An elementary proof that the biharmonic Green function of an eccentric ellipse changes sign
(1) Harold S. Shapiro
Large and small subspaces of Hilbert space
(0) Paul Erdős

Bacon Number: 3[]

(3) Brian May
The Adventures of Pinocchio
(2) Martin Landau
Ed Wood
(1) Bill Murray
Wild Things
(0) Kevin Bacon

Sabbath Number: 1[]

(1) Brian May
“When Death Calls”

(0) Black Sabbath