Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath Wiki

Star of the popular children's program Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Fred Rogers' various roles as a television host, educator, author, and songwriter have allowed his Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number to be finite.

His verified Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number is 17, the highest current verified EBS number. His Bacon number, 2, is the (tied) lowest of those with a verified EBS number.

Erdős Number: 9[]

(9) Fred Rogers
Mister Rogers Talks with Parents
(8) Barry Head
Mister Rogers’ Plan & Play Book
(7) Roberta Schomburg
Language activities
(6) Ethel Tittnich
Supply and demand in early childhood services
(5) Robert B. McCall
Bias in the analysis of repeated-measures designs: some alternative approaches
(4) Mark I. Appelbaum
Variance stabilizing transformations and the power of the F test
(3) David B. Vudescu
Does probability weighting matter in probability elicitation?
(2) Ali Abbas
Invariance of multiattribute utility functions under shift transformations
(1) János D. Aczél
The non-existence of a Hamel-basis and the general solution of Cauchy’s functional equation for non-negative numbers
(0) Paul Erdős

Bacon Number: 2[]

(2) Fred Rogers
(1) Cathy Moriarty
Digging for China
(0) Kevin Bacon

Sabbath Number: 6[]

(6) Fred Rogers
Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
(5) Joe Negri
Fly Me To The Moon
(4) Michael Feinstein
“The Rhythm of the Blues”
(3) Maynard Ferguson
Swingin’ for Schuur
(2) Diane Schuur
Heart to Heart
(1) B.B. King
“It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll”
(0) Ozzy Osbourne